MENOMINEE — The city of Menominee is looking at their options for trash collection.
Discussed at the Public Safety and Public Works Committee Monday morning was weekly roadside collection, curbside recycling and yard waste pickup and monthly pickup of large items, such as couches, refrigerators, washers and dryers.
City Manager Ted Andrzejewski said the trend is toward bins for curbside recycling. That is if the city can get a good bid from a trash collector.
Speaking from his past experiences, Andrzejewski said curbside recycling and trash pickup using bins is the trend. Andrzejewski is from Eastlake, Ohio, and became Menominee’s city manager earlier this year.
Andrzejewski said he would like to see Menominee have the same set-up at the price residents pay now.
“We are going to look at how to keep the cost where it is and how to get more out of it,” he said.
Residents pay for trash collection by paying a mill tax and a monthly user fee.
If the city goes to the bin option, residents would fill the bins with recyclables and roll them to the curb for pickup. Garbage trucks hook the bin up to a truck and haul the contents away.
Bid specifications are being sent out with bids expected back in October. Council members will read the bids at the November council meeting.
“There will be options,” Andrzejewski said. “We will have to see how it all works out.”
The city’s current contract for garbage pickup ends at the end of this year.
Currently, residents place garbage bags at the curbside for Waste Management to pickup Tuesday through Friday. Yard waste is taken to the city’s disposal site.
Also discussed was the city’s deer problem in residential areas. There was no immediate solution on what to do about residential complaints of deer.
In other committee news:
n Finance Committee members approved the recommendation to council to accept the USDA grant awarded to the police department for $11,500 for equipment and the purchase of a new patrol vehicle, possibly a Ford SUV, for $25,300.
n Judicial and Legislative/Personnel and Labor Committee decided the city’s special assessment ordinance should be discussed as a Council of the Whole. This was after some discussion on what city projects should be assessed. Mayor Jean Stegeman said there has to be consistency.