MARINETTE - Even though the land is purchased, Calvary Temple Assembly of God church won't move to its new location until after the new facilities are built.

"We are going as fast as we can afford to," said Calvary Temple board member Andy Linstad. "We have a responsibility to not overstretch our resources and make this a smooth transition for the congregation."

He added that it may take a few years for them to be ready to move to their new location at W1494/98 Highway 64. The church's current address is 3036 Carney Ave.

Currently, all that stands on the land the church purchased is a parking lot and a storage building.

"The new location was primarily driven by the desire to meet the changing needs of the church body," Linstad said. "The way the church has been growing and changing over time led us to pursue changing the site and the facilities."

The purchase was not a spontaneous decision, according to Linstad. The church has been saving money for a potential purchase since before they proposed expanding their current facilities. That site plan was rejected when neighboring residents signed a petition against the expansion.

"We're limited with what we can accomplish with the current site and current buildings," Linstad said. "It doesn't meet the goals and the vision of Calvary Temple church."

He said they have been looking at options outside of the city because they always knew they may not get approval to expand their current site.

Now the church has a new place to go and their saved money allowed them to fully pay the $340,000 mortgage for the land and new parsonage.

"There's a leap of faith involved here, but that's where God does His best work," Linstad said. "And we're excited about that. It's a big step. It's the next chapter in what we believe God wants Calvary church to do."

He added that they were lucky to have found a place that meets their needs so close to the city's limits.

"Convenience is still quite relevant in today's culture," he said.

He also added that the new land will allow them to build their facilities in a way that meets their needs.

"Our goals are to ... let people know about our beliefs and about the church's effort to reach out and to build relationships with those who may not be familiar with Jesus and what the Bible teaches," Linstad said. "You got to have space to do these things. What's neat is there is good fellowship through all of this, there are relationships being built."

Linstad said that while their current facilities are getting a little cramped, they still offer many ministries to individuals and families including counseling services, boys and girls discipleship and mentoring programs, King's Kids, Rock House Student Ministries, small groups, Sunday school classes for all ages, nurseries and others.