MENOMINEE - The Menominee County Board is having a tough time filling an open appointment on the Department of Human Services/Pinecrest Board of Directors.

While appointments were made to six other commissions, boards or committees Tuesday evening, the county did not receive any applications on a second round of posting.

The first time the county sought applicants, the current representative, Mike Kaufman, and Menominee City Council member Leon Felch applied. It was later discovered that Felch could not hold the DHS appointment because of state statutes that prohibit appointment of elected officials. Kaufman also withdrew his application.

Tuesday, Commissioner Jan Hafeman asked if an exception could be made to allow Felch to serve, but County Administrator Brian Bousley said it could not be done. It was decided the board will advertise yet again, but also will look for interested individuals.

Other appointments were made, and commissioners were in agreement for the most part on the recommendations, but it took a 5-4 roll-call vote to reappoint Kathleen McNeely to the Menominee County Library Board.

McNeely, a 15-year member of the Library Board who served 10 years as chairman, is a retired public school librarian.

Also applying for the open five-year position was Bill Hafeman, who listed his background in accounting and finance, and stated he is retired. He is the husband of Commissioner Jan Hafeman.

A motion to appoint McNeely was followed by another motion nominating Bill Hafeman. Since commissioners take up the first nomination in the initial roll-call vote, McNeely was ratified by Commissioners Bernie Lang, Larry Schei, Gerald Piche, James Furlong and Chris Plutchak. Commissioners Doug Krienke, John Nelson, Charlie Meintz and Jan Hafeman voted against McNeely. Jan Hafeman voted after declaring a possible conflict of interest.

Bill Hafeman was appointed to the Menominee County Fair Board, along with Carol Quist and Scott Mentel. Hafeman also applied for positions on the Parks & Recreation Committee and the Community Action Agency (CAA) Board.

The board voted unanimously on the Fair Board appointments, as well as in placing Dawn Wells on the Corrections Advisory Board (business sector representative); Jim Ranta on the Building Code Construction Board of Appeals; and Ruby Ivens, Robert Desjarlais and Glen Cody on the Parks and Recreation Committee.

Susan Kleikamp was appointed to the CAA Board on an 8-1 vote, with Jan Hafeman voting against the appointment. Her husband was the only other applicant.

The only other person to apply for more than one appointment was Mendel, who sought a spot on the Parks and Recreation Committee and the Corrections Advisory Board, in addition to the appointment he received for the Fair Board.