MENOMINEE — The Water and Wastewater Utility Board approved a request to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Thursday for reimbursement on the Stormwater/Asset Management/Wastewater (SAW) grant.

The total amount granted to the City of Menominee by the SAW grant is $896,940. This money is used for projects related to municipal water management; investigating manholes, televising pipes, flow meters and modeling, among other projects. Most recently, $108,522.07 was requested for disbursement, most of which was used for televising pipes and modeling of flow meters.

From Sep. 1 to Oct. 31, the period covered by the most recent SAW grant disbursement, $77,569 went to televising pipes, which requires snaking cameras through smaller sewer pipes to inspect their condition. Many of the pipes in Menominee are upwards of 60 to 80 years old, according to City Manager Tony Graff.

According to the city, $12,031.10 went to modeling of flow meters, which measure the flow of water through the sewer system and give an indication of how much storm water drained into the system during or after a rainfall.

Another $9,334 went toward condition and criticality assessment and $6,336 went toward rate structure, leaving $2,982 of the currently disbursed funds from the SAW grant unused as of yet.

Going into December, condition and criticality assessments will be continuing as the data related to the assessments comes in. Pipe networks will continue to be built and the second phase of sewer televising should be nearing its completion.

The motion to approve the request from the MDEQ for reimbursement was made by Wes Hoffman and seconded by Dan Saucier, and was unanimously passed by the board.