Santa Claus waves to people from in front of Anderson & Denardo Jewelers, Inc. on Main Street in Marinette.  EagleHerald/Rick Gebhard
Santa Claus waves to people from in front of Anderson & Denardo Jewelers, Inc. on Main Street in Marinette.
EagleHerald/Rick Gebhard
MARINETTE - Santa will make a believer out of anyone.

"It's the best job 365 days a year," said Santa. "It's the greatest thing in the world - putting smiles on faces and smiles in your heart."

During the month of December, Santa stands in front of Anderson & Denardo Jewelers, Inc. in Marinette and waves at vehicles as they pass by. Children also visit inside the store to tell him what they want for Christmas.

He sports a red suit with real Fox fur and even has solid fur in his Christmas hat. Santa's white beard and mustache is real and he wears glasses. He also has on custom-made real gold jewelry.

His jewelry includes a ring on his right hand with his initials "SC" and a ring on his left hand with his picture on it. Santa also wears a bracelet that reads, "Believe In A Miracle" and a gold plate on his lapel that reads "Claus." Santa, who won't divulge his real name, even has gold bells and jingles on his suit.

Santa owns a lot of different suits. His suits are made in all different places by elf's and then sent to New York to have the fur added.

"My winter suit has a tighter knit," he said.

Lisa Anderson, owner of Anderson & Denardo Jewelers, Inc. said everything on Santa is real.

"The children just stare at him," she said.

Santa said his elfs also do all the writing of letters to children who write to him.

"I've been all over the U.S. and overseas," he said.

Santa explained a story of a little girl riding on a train and who he had his picture taken with. Her classmates did not believe she met Santa and called her names.

Then the next day her mother opened the front page of the paper and there was a picture of her on Santa's lap.

"Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus," Santa said. "They apologized for not believing her."

Santa said he is the only one that goes to the mall armed with four body guards.

Although he has helpers dressed as Santa, they do not have body guards.

In England, Santa visits the mall where Queen Elizabeth II gets her jewelry.

"I have seen kids in lines of 17,000 on the road and inside waiting for me to come in," said Santa. "Everyplace I go, they want me back."

Santa always asks children what they would like for Christmas.

"Santa won't give an Xbox or a lot of games. That way I can't get in trouble. How about I get you a surprise?," he said to a child asking for electronic games.

He said children ask for all different things, depending which state they live in. Locally, children asked for scooters, skateboard and toy trucks.

When children visit Santa, he has them give him a hug and then gives them a candy cane.

He said every time he gets a hug, it lights up one needle on Santa's tree.

"People sit for hours to watch me," Santa said. "I break all the rules in the book. I do anything I want. I pick up babies and kids right out of mom's hands. I can be seen all over the place, and waving outside."

Santa wants children to know he is not from the North Pole.

"When I'm interviewed, I tell them I'm from the South Pole. My castle is where no one knows because I would have people there all the time," he said. "I can make deliveries in the day time."

Santa said his reindeer make into the homes of children before he does.

Not all homes have a chimney, so Santa explained how he gets in.

"I stand and am beamed right alongside a Christmas tree," he said.

Santa added he carries one elf with him at all times because that elf does the packing of toys in his bag.

"I have everyone believing in me, from one day to 105 years old," he said.

Anderson said Santa has a Christmas list.

"Here at Anderson & Denardo, we custom make jewelry. No Santa has what he has," she said.

Santa said the difference between him and others who play Santa is, "they won't pay if they can't get paid."

"I never charge nobody. I don't take money from nobody," said Santa.