We won't ever again have a year like 2012. It was Wisconsin's year in the spotlight. Right from the beginning, it was clear it would be our big year.

Prior to Laura Kaeppeler of Kenosha being crowned in January, it had been 39 years since Appleton's Terry Anne Meenwsen wore the crown of Miss America back in 1973.

It had been over 40 years since Wisconsin had a serious contender for the office of Vice President of the United States until Janesville's Paul Ryan joined Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney this fall. And as the VP candidate on the independent ticket with John Anderson, Wisconsin's Patrick Lucey didn't really have that much of a chance back in 1980.

Prior to Ryan Braun's successful appeal of Major League Baseball's suspension, no major leaguer had ever had a performance enhancing drug suspension overturned. Adding to the story, the Brewer slugger had just become the first Brewer since Robin Yount to be a major league MVP.

And no Governor in the country had ever been re-elected after being recalled until Scott Walker won by an even larger margin in June's recall election.

These and other major stories brought the big spotlights of the national media to Wisconsin. The light may fade in 2013 but stay tuned for Wisconsin's very bright future as these leaders and others work to help Wisconsin remain the shining star of this great nation.