For die-hard sports fans, there are times when the off-season is just as exciting as watching a game during a run for the playoffs. In fact, there really is no off-season for some of us. It's just a time when the games are played in a different arena.

Members of my family have come to understand that they're going to have to talk about the Milwaukee Brewers all year long. Or at least listen. They support me and my fanatic interests way more than a family should have to support one of their own. They'll listen to my theories about the Brewers' weaknesses, the trades they'll need to make and the free agents they should pursue. They put up with my analysis of the winter meetings and sometimes even engage in discussions about which minor league prospects are likely to contribute in next season.

There was plenty to discuss during last year's off-season. We talked about Prince Fielder leaving the Brewers via free agency and Ryan Braun's MVP Award and alleged positive drug test. General Manager Doug Melvin traded third-baseman Casey McGehee for bullpen help in Jose Veras and signed free-agent Aramis Ramirez to play third and take Fielder's spot in the batting order. And they filled a gaping hole in the middle of infield when they struck a deal with shortstop Alex Gonzalez shortly before spring training.

A lot went on in the previous off-season too when Melvin traded away five top Brewers prospects to acquire starting pitchers Zach Greinke and Shaun Marcum. He also hired new manager Ron Roenicke during that off-season and then brought in a new coaching staff.

As great as my family has been in supporting my baseball interests, something tells me that their level of tolerance is about to change as we go into a new off-season. I'll likely get a funny look when I try to engage them in talk about filling an opening in the Brewers bullpen or talk about who's going to be the second back-up infielder. I won't be surprised if my kids eat quickly and leave the dinner table in a rush if I start to talk about how the Brewers no longer have any unfavorable player contracts. And I guess I'll understand when my wife changes the subject as I outline the options for signing a situational left-handed relief specialist during this off-season.

There might really be an off-season this off-season.