MARINETTE — St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry received a $3,000 grant from the Green Bay Packers Foundation for the Food Pantry Charity with Justice Program at a grant recipient luncheon held Dec. 5 at Lambeau Field, Green Bay. Executive director, Kalyani Grasso, said that funds from the grant will assist in purchasing updated equipment in order to increase availability of fresh fruit, vegetables and meats at the food pantry.
Grasso added that the charity is in urgent need of replacing the food pantry truck that has to make 15 to 20 trips each week to pick up donated food, without which, 250 people each week would have no food on the table.
The food pantry, the largest in the area, serves approximately 12,000 people each year and depends almost entirely on food donations to keep shelves stocked.
For more information and to make donations, persons may contact Kalyani Grasso at 715-735-6956 or