MARINETTE — NLRC Tours of Marinette is offering a travel across Canada trip by railroad Sept. 5-16.
The group will travel across the central region of Canada to the Canadian Rockies, a 1,700-mile journey across the provinces of Ontario, Manitoba Saskatchewan and Alberta. This train gives participants the opportunity to see Canada from a private room, a dome car, the dining car or a parlor car.
Once in the Canadian Rockies, the group will arrive in Jasper with accommodations at Mount Robson, which includes a tram ride to the top of Whistlers Mountain, Maligne Canyon, Icefield’s Parkway, Athabasca Falls, the largest glacial mass south of the Arctic Circle, Jasper National Park, Columbia Icefields, Lake Louise with accommodations at The Fairmont Chateau, the Valley of the Ten Peaks and the resort village of Banff.
A motor coach will take the group on the Trans Canada Highway, which will feature three mountain ranges, banks of four river systems, tunnels, avalanche sheds and valleys. The group will arrive at the Okanagan area, famous for its lakes, orchards and wineries. The group will arrive at Lakeside Resort for the evening.
This trip will take those attending to the Pacific Ocean, visiting Vancouver and Victoria Island and Butchart Gardens and before flying back to Chicago, and back to Marinette by motorcoach.
Those who would like a complete itinerary may contact Linda Campbell, 715-923-3151, by May 1 or 140 Oak St., Apt 15, Peshtigo, WI 54157.