I have NOT had any candy bars or sugary candy in a week. Nothing in a wrapper or box! NOTHING! I sure hope this is real life and I'm not playing ping-pong with the William sisters on that iPhone 5 commercial....I'm in control. I'm on top of the world! One hour at a time. I feel energized to workout tonight, I feel energized to keep going forward, not looking back. I only lost a lb since last Monday, but isn't that better than gaining a lb.? I hope to lose a little faster, but if it's a lb. a week and I can adapt to a new lifestyle and feed my body the way I am suppose to, & feel full, I guess I will just have to suck it up and keep doing it to it! So, although Monday is the most hated day of the weekend, I'm ready to bust some calories on the treadmill tonight.

On another note, me and my bestie went to that "burning fat" body wrap party on Saturday at the Country Inn & Suites. It was a bunch of ladies gathered around a table with the hopes and dreams of losing inches off of their bellies by sitting and doing nothing in 45 minutes. So, walked in, put my name on the list and then went off with one of the ladies and she put some marks of permanent marker on my back like I was getting circled for plastic surgery, and wrapped me in an all natural "wrap" on my stomach secured with saran wrap, and we sat for 45 minutes while those magical beans did it's magic. Crazy? Yes, we all are, right? After the 45 minutes was up, I lost 3/4 inches in one spot, and my friend lost 3 inches. So, did she make a believer out of me, yes, I do have that friend of a friend where she knew of a girl who it worked for. But, what stinks is, that lady can't come home with me and put it on and measure me the same way every time I put one of those on. Needless to say, I'm glad I tried before I bought, b/c in the back of my head the whole time I was like hmmmm, 45 minutes, I coulda busted out 3-4 miles on some sweet concrete. But, to each it's own, I've always wanted to try that. Bucket List Checkmark. I'd like to get wrapped like a mummy and try it after a mudbath, wouldn't that be the life?!

Speaking of 3-4 miles on concrete, yesterday I had so much energy I almost talked myself into getting suited up for an outdoor run!!! But, I say almost, I told myself tomorrow on my lunch hour, and woke up with ice and rain.... who do I blame? Myself for not going yesterday, or the rain for raining?! Is it spring yet?!

I think everyone feels like this lately with the weather..... This is a "facebok status" from one of my besties from College, and she's a personal trainer mind you.. "Trying to knock out 8 miles this morning and find myself procrastinating by rechecking to see if my shoes are tied, wandering around the gym, sitting on the treadmill, restretching and thinking of all the reasons why I should take a break this morning and climb back in bed...and to top it off....now I am on Facebook, Really? ha... Sometimes I forget how blessed I am to be "able" to - Here I go...."