Ok, so I just had a partial meltdown. Had an inner struggle over the noon-hour, came back to work with 2 bags of candy, and went to the breakroom to devour ALL OF IT---meanwhile.......

Me: I'm gonna eat all of this! I'm depressed ::Smiling devilish at the candies::

Ladies in the office: Wow, you really ARE depressed. You need to go for a run. (They are cackling at the thought of the wellness leader having a meltdown. That's fine, I'll take one for the team showing my inner human.)

Kelly: Do you like brussel sprouts.

Me: Ya, sure

Kelly: Here, try these

Me:: WOW REALLY GOOD ----Loving ever bite of it)

Me: Ya, I'm still sad, I think I'm gonna get a pop too.

Kelly: Where is your water bottle?

Me: All the way at my desk.... fine I won't get a pop.

So, the ladies in the breakroom talked me OUT of the candy and fed me vegetables and also told me no to a pop. Smart right? So it got me to thinking, sometimes the moments that you KNOW you need to go run or you need to workout, you can't because your at work! And by the time you get out of work, your mood normally subsides and the damage is done as you closet eat at your desk. So what about 90% of America who don't have the luxury of just taking a 20 minutes sweat break to go for a walk? Like me, I bet most of you are sitting at a desk right now reading this, looking out your window. Well lucky you, I don't even have a window. On my actual lunch hour I got crabby, so it's not like BEFORE I went to lunch I was crabster so I knew at lunch I needed to workout. Are you following me. So what do we do? We indulge in the goodness that is comfort food. After about an hour of being strong, I had 1 portion of each of the candy, Sour Children & Red Fish. (Both CVS knock offs) So, I have 2 more hours of work. Do you think that by 5 o-clock I will still be all steamed up to go run or workout? I thought I would 1 hour ago when I was frustrated, but now that I had the candy, it sunk into my blood stream just like an actual workout and calmed me the hell down. So what about the people who don't work at home, or who don't work in a gym, or run the show---- what about the small people? Do we just eat our feelings bc it'll be 3 hours until I can see the sun again? (I'm just being dramatic, I know I can walk outside if I wanted to, maybe go inhale a sniff of Marlboro's to make me feel alive again) So what do we do? How do we cope? I would like a good answer inserted below! Don't give me some bull answer like "count to 10, deep breaths" Sometimes you are just beyond that.