Welcome to Friday. I hope you guys read me or look for me on Fridays, because Fridays are very crucial to success. Even if your scale didn't move this week, don't punish yourself more by going backwards on your wagon ride......cough cough, mine actually went up 1 lb...... I did the sad pout, asked myself "WHY ME" give a couple people in the office dirty stares, then filled up my water bottle and guzzled it like there's no tomorrow. Don't let YOU, get in the way of YOU. Scale didn't move, who cares, (at least pretend you don't care) hard work pays off. When in doubt, drink water.

FRIDAY'S MOTIVATION STORY: I side swiped the best looking birthday cake last weekend. Ninja Turtle, gourmet homemade pizza shaped cake, goobed in frosting, and delicious goodness. I actually said yes to cake, but it was a crazy party and my yes must of gotten lost in the chaos, 3 minutes later I was shyly looking for cake like a lost orphan who hasn't eaten in days but was - DENIED. I knew I could of just went and got my own piece because it was the neighbor boys party, I see the family everyday. But I raised my head high saying, there's always going to be more cake. (and secretly hoped she brought some to my house later that day) I had planned on eating the biggest and best piece there was, but when I didn't get it, the thought of finishing my daughters was also a red flag by then. Don't eat the cake, it may spiral into a feeding frenzy at the zoo.

Doesn't it seem when your on a eating mission, it seems like NO ONE ELSE is on the same page. But, of course, when you are trying to eat good, your husband/friends crave girlscout cookies and greasy wings. I don't get it. Am I right? Still with me? But, also, sometimes when you least expect it, something good can happen. Last weekend I had 2 cookies, then looked at my husband with puppy eyes saying "I want more" he said. "they're going to taste just like the last ones" I gave him the biggest smile & high five. (ya were nerds) ME-1, Cookies -0

So, have a plan, don't go backwards on the weekends. Push through the cravings. I've been asking myself in times of weakness, "will this help you" A lot of the time I pass up the crave. Sometimes I forget to even ask myself and I find a bowl of ice cream on my lap. This morning driving to work, this was seriously my head talking to itself.... "I want McDonalds, get a burrito and don't eat the shell, I want a donut, I should bring in donuts for everyone, I want an Angeli's bagel, CARBS, CARBS, Holiday Half Capp?" by then I was at the light on the corner, went to the ATM (PAYDAY WHAT?!) and forgot that I said all that crazy crap and went to work, had a few more indecent food thoughts, but prevailed. WILL IT HELP ME? It's your go to phrase - props to J.Campbell for telling me her secret.