Chips & Salsa Anyone?
Chips & Salsa Anyone?
Me:: My name is Allyson, and I haven't had fast food in 2 days. Everyone:: "Hi Allyson"

So after a couple months of strictly trying to figure out my next meal to eat, I've taken a look around my house, especially my closet, and realized it's time to get my act together household wise. I even recently went through a span of boycotting laundry. So now, I get home and am running around aimlessly trying to fix things, and organize better. Clean, no-no, none of that, but organizing yes. So I feel better that I actually care now, it's weird how one week you can totally push something under the rug, then it starts creeping out and you want to or have to deal with it. Kinda like the dead bodies in my basement. TRICK STATEMENT, I don't have a basement, ok..... or dead bodies. I just watched "Prisoners" on Saturday, scarrrrry stuff. (was up most of Saturday night thinking someone was stealing my socks to stage my death.) Gruesome.

I leave town Thursday-Saturday, so I am trying to NOT squeeze in any workouts, in hopes of keeping my mind a little saner, with the organization that needs to get done, and packing but then I read everyone's facebook posts like "I ran 4.2 miles with Nike" and then I think about my butt. Can my butt skip a week? It shouldn't, but I think it's going to. My best friend SnailFest is running the CELLCOM MARATHON in May, and I promised her I would do some of her training with her. Which consists of a 20 mile bike ride while she runs on the Fox River Trail. Kinda make a fun day outta it. I am seriously contemplating starting to train for that. That's on May 3 or 4. Who trains, for a training workout? This girl, who is about as active as a deer in headlights. I should try to ride my bike at least 10 miles one of these days, we'll be going about 5.5-6.5 mph, so I think I'll be ok. I can picture myself cramping up for some reason.

Weight Gained To Date: 8 lbs.

Goal Weight To Gain: 20-25 lbs.

If I had a million dollars: I'd go shopping like Vivian Ward

Size Of Baby: Avocado (tomorrow)

Foods I'm Digging: Chips and more Chips.

Foods I'm Sick Of: Water....still I drink it. Perhaps I should buy some lemons

BRILLIANT THOUGHT I HAD:: I haven't really been big on chocolate this whole time and have been wondering why.. DING! DING! I no longer have a monthly cycle, so I don't get those crazy high/low hormones, I'm just on a constant hormone of crazy, which doesn't make me crash and crave sweets! I'm a genius I know.