Today's blog is brought to you by the letter P and the number Zero. I have officially hit a Plateau by losing Zero pounds. A plateau is "a period or state of little or no growth or decline" (# 2 on AKA, I'm working my butt off and eating the best I have ever eaten in my life, and the scale won't budge. I can't remember the last time I have had an "actual" plateau. Usually I'm yo-yoing through life overeating or losing weight 1-10 lbs. only to gain it back. Rolling hills if you may. Stepped on the scale today after about 2-3 weeks of not. Same disgusting number. Now I said I wasn't going to be defined as a woman by a lousy number, but since I am a woman, I can't help but think I need to weigh less.

In class today, we have to do these squat jumps on & off a step block, while I was dying....looking at myself in the mirror thinking, all these other broads only have to fling about 120-150 lbs off this block and here I am shoveling 40+ more. There's gotta be an advantage to being lighter for exercise. Run faster, jump higher, fit into confined spaces, the finer things in life. I always get in such a funk after my Wednesday class having doubts about my womanhood, but am thirsty for more every week, so I guess it's working? Oh wait, no, the scale won't bulge. If I don't lose inches next thursday, I don't know what I'm going to do. Probably jump off a bridge into a vat of chocolate. If Dora can hand Swiper a Valentines Card in the Chocolate River, so can I. (What?)

So now what do I do with myself?