Day 3 of my eye opening epiphaney and things are going strong. I have a legit plan... am I attacking my plan as good as I should, we shall see. I am eating, I am working out, I feel kinda puffy. But, according to the science and hormonal carbohydrate calculations, this is suppose to happen when you are training your body to react differently to food. Secrets, Secrets, I have one. I can't tell you my plan, bc if I fail like I have in the past, it'll just be another crapshoot great idea I had that I have failed. And I don't want to let you all down. I know your waiting for a personal story of inspiration of how you ACTUALLY know someone who followed a plan and it worked. Then you go out and do it!!! I'm still waiting for a great one. Although, I did see someone I haven't seen since December and she lost 45 pounds on WEIGHT WATCHERS! HELLO, I PREACH ABOUT WW, right?! So bam it does work. You go Girl!

So are we crazy to want to believe in something? Are we crazy to try new fad diets and workout regiments? No, I absolutely think you ARE CRAZY when you aren't trying. There's a reason the health and fitness industry is worth billions! People have goals, we have dreams, and we have heard the story of a friend of a friend who it has worked for. And we want that dream to come true for ourselves. We want our fairytale. And we wanted it yesterday damnit! So what do you say? Commit to something crazy and see if it works for you! There's more than 15 different diet plans & workouts I can list off the top of my head right now that are proven to work from that friends' friend. What do you say? Get crazy, Be Creative, Lose that Gut! If you aren't trying, your dying.

P.S. There has been a consistant full bowl of Peanut M&M's about 20 feet away from me, it gets filled up, and then gets emptied, then gets filled up again. I haven't touched one, thank you. But I hear people saying, ugh why is this out here?! I just chuckle. It's evil. Don't feel bad for that lonely chocolate, Mars will make more tomorrow.