New Year. New You. That's the saying every year. This year, I kind of believe it. Normally I'm not all for work-out or exercise resolutions, because I truly believe health and fitness is a journey, not a destination, but I will just say, it's nice to be excited for something new, a change or some hope! I'm going to jump on the bandwagon, and hopefully somehow detox my body of all the nasty stuff I ate over the past Holiday, and last few months. I've actually learned alot about myself having no real goal set or challenge. Life isn't very fun. I like a challenge, I like goals, I like setting myself up for failure, I like succeeding. I like everything about chasing my dreams.

We all need something to be excited about. Have a gleam of hope in our eyes. So yesterday, I was on Pinterest, looking up mainly recipes. I've decided that I need to start in the kitchen. We all need a starting point, this is my weakness. I would be superfly if all I did was graze on greens, but unfortunately that's not the case.

We can't conquer the world in one day. But I strongly believe in hard work and dedication, and believing you can. Now I will be setting some goals, and hopefully I meet them. It's all about NEW HABITS. Practice doesn't make perfect, Perfect Practice Makes Perfect. (A Greg Jeske right there) Here are some of my thoughts and new habits I need to take in order to be successfull.

1. DON'T OVEREAT- food will still be there at the store to go make again.

2. I don't need dessert - after every meal.

3. CONTROL- Don't be a beast.

4. SLOW DOWN - Don't eat fast to "forget" you ate it. enjoy every bite

5. CLOSET EATING - When I'm on track and feeling good, I eat chocolate or snacks right in the open. But when I'm feeling shamefull, I tend to sneak food. But why? I don't know, not like people know if I'm having a good or bad day right?

6. SET GOALS- if you fail, at least your trying. Nothing worse than complaining and not doing anything about it.

7. KEEP MOVING - I don't care if I squat with my child 20 times. Keep Moving


Creating positive habits might be the death of me... but if I don't try, I'm dying. I don't know if any of this made sense, because I don't have a set "goal" in mind. This week I will completely sit down and write what I would like to see within the next few months. Small Goals Can = BIG RESULTS. Get excited again and make 2013 the best year ever!!! 2013 Will Be Mine.

Biggest Loser starts again in 2013, hopefully I get a connection to a couple contestants.