Gymnastics Super Star
Gymnastics Super Star
Alright, what are everyone's goals for the weekend? Every Friday, I really encourage somebody who is anybody, to email me at and ask me that question. What are your goals for the weekend? We have weekday goals, but once the weekend comes we want to streak naked through the streets and put chocolate syrup on everything. Or is that just me?

After my 5 lb. weight gain, I was in a serious stooper Mon.-Wedn afternoon, off and on. Oh HEY- DID I SAY 5, I MEANT 8. Ya, I lied to everyone because my shame got the best of me. I'm digging myself out of the hole slowly but surely, am down 3 lbs. and I will tell you that my goal for the weekend is to "maintain" my weight. Its always a challenge on the weekends b/c I tend to graze all day long. But perhaps this weekend I'll graze on popcorn and pretzels, rather than Jelly Beans, Riesens, Taco Bell, Starbursts, nerd ropes (who does that?) basically anything loaded with sugar.

Wednesday afternoon after researching "Overeaters Rehab Facilities" I had a nice chat with a friend of mine who and I quote told me this..... "It's finding out how YOU make it through...So when you go to bed at night it's with positive thoughts.. Not regret and guilt...We have it in us Allyson.... What's our alternative!!?? Feel Miserable and waste our days away!!??? Life is so short!!!" And, I really can't afford to go to rehab for 30 days. (its the minimum) But I was seriously hopeless. Ya, Jacko was Wacko upstairs over here for a day or two. At first I was like "whhaaaaa, why can't I get it together" Then I saw a mental rainbow and decided to put away my regrets and guilt. Who wants to be eating a candy bar thinking about every single place it's going to stick on my body? Not me, I want to be ok with my decision to live my life how I want to live it, in moderation and enjoy it. I need to put away the guilt and realize that one candy bar isn't going to stick to my body & one pack of starbursts isn't going to go right to my gut. Just hopefully I don't eat them back to back. But either way, guilt is the worst feeling to be harbouring.

Then after that epiphony, I called Snailfest right after work complaining about how I like food too much and I need to get that under control, and she normally chimes with "ME TOO" So immediately we chuckle, hold hands and skip for about 20 minutes bantering back and forth about weight, workouts and life. I haven't ran with her in 4+ months, but am looking forward to it again :) Sometimes all you need is a supportive friend who lives a similar life in different Nikes.

So let's add up the score. My goal since my first nutritionist meeting a month ago was to portion my food. 3 out of the 4 weeks I have, and this week I am back on the sexy train. So, I would say success, my scale wouldn't, but I can't go back in time, so I HAVE to be thankful for today.