Oh There You Are - You Little Stud Muffin!
Oh There You Are - You Little Stud Muffin!
Are you tired of telling yourself you need to workout and then think long and hard, then do nothing?!? Are you tired of saying tomorrow? Are you tired of looking in the mirror and seeing flabulous arms? And flabulous legs?! Well, wait no more. I have a solution. Why don't you just go and do what needs to be done?! How do you do it, I'm not sure. What do you wear? I'm not sure. How do you turn on the treadmill? I'm not sure. What will the weather be like tomorrow? I'm not sure. See, I am full of unanswered questions. These are my current struggles- yes, CURRENT. SUPER CURRENT I'm planning an attack RIGHT NOW. TODAY. Tonight, anytime tonight, I am going to lay out a workout outfit. I am either going to run my 1/2 mile route (I know, LOOK OUT WORLD) or I'm, nope I'm going to run my 1/2 mile route. This way, the kids can be outside riding their bikes next to me, or at the playground playing while mommy does circles around them. I might be crawling those circles, but I'll be doing those circles darn it! So who's with me? If you too, have been lazy, and want to stop being lazy. Do these steps with me tonight thru tomorrow.

1. Set up an outfit.

2. Put your outfit on.

3. Put on your shoes.

4. Make sure you tied your shoes.

5. Pace the house in pure panic because you really don't want to do this.

6. Do it. (walk or run, or bike for 30 minutes)

7. Celebrate!