Doves are still singing as I step on the scale---------- but I think this week I'm going to aim for some trumpets along with those doves. Chicken is your friend people. We had a refrigerator scare at our house the past 2 days. Late last week I noticed that my "go-to" ice cream sandwiches weren't frozen, but I chalked it up as being Aldi you are so cheap you sonofa- but then Sunday it happened again. So I was like oh I better eat other one so I don't waste them. Then, FINALLY I was like, well maybe the freezer isn't working. Sure shit. So I slowly started panicking thinking we had to have our neighbors come over and just have a feeding frenzy so we didn't waste the food. I just stared at my greek yogurt with a lump in my throat thinking how precious my collection was and how I wasn't ready to say goodbye. And, I just pre-cooked a bunch of chicken fajita and chicken chili that I put in the freezer for lunches, not frozen- but cold, so we had to take almost everything out of the freezer/refrigerator and get to the root of the problem.

Guess what the problem was? ME! It was my clumsy/lackadazical ice cube making. When I'm in a hurry I just fill the tray and slop it on the top shelf, making water rush over the edges to pour into the part of the vent or cooling unit, which created a thick ice layer like Antarctica. So luckily we have top of the line neighbors, and the hubs and him rolled a dolly with a freezer and a dorm fridge over to our garage within minutes of calling them(which really, it's so cold at night now we could of just layed our food on the garage floor, but yuck) So, we used a blow dryer & heat gun to get the layer off, and started from scratch, and guess what people, just guess what?! This morning the freezer made ice cubes again!!!! So excited. So for those of you who have never had this happen to you, your fridge is a valuable tool to keeping up your health spirits. So after the Y this morning, I got out of my Jeep, shut the door, and reached into our lovely dorm fridge and carried eggs into the house-it was really weird having to cook from the garage- so weird. But, I'm so happy that our fridge works, and surprisinly I wasn't even worried about the dent a new fridge would put in our savings, I was just worried about my precious produce and snacks. Kinda like the love fern in "how to lose a guy in 10 days"