I don't feel like doing ANYTHING TODAY, AT ALL. NOTHING. Oh wait, ya I feel like eating. Everything I see. And I started to when I bought a bag of cheap knock off bag of Funyuns at Family Dollar, my husband would call Bunyuns (any knock-off brand you just switch the first letter). 4 servings in a $1.00 bag, talk about bang for your buck! And double chin. I ate about 1 serving so far. I don't want to workout after work, I don't want to run, I really don't want to do anything, except fix this damn planter I have in my yard that keeps filling up with water every time we have rain. I got told 2 times to "drill a hole" in it, So I guess tonight I will "drill a hole in it" why wouldn't this planter already come with holes afixed on the bottom? Thanks, Walmart.

Do you ever set your site on something, problem solving, and NOT stop until it's done or at least you attempted. Like when your on pinterest searching "organization" then all of these $1.00 store ideas pop up with shower hooks, plastic totes, cleaning supplies, baskets and more baskets, then you get to the $1.00 store and am so confused what project you need what for, and if those hooks will actually work with the baskets that you just bought for it, or if you actually can screw mason jars to the bottom of your cupboards to put spices or random smaller items in them? I'm that girl today. I get like that. Most of those "Pinterest" days I like to talk myself out of a workout or grocery shopping because I really really need to modge podge my children's photos to some 35¢ tiles from Menards to make coasters. #Ohmyheadache. Anyone else feel me out there?! 99% of my Pinterest projects turn out like my 2 yr old daughter just found my makeup.

So back to working out. My real "drama" if you wanna call it that, is that today you need to sign up for "drop in" classes for the next 2 weeks. But, being that I don't want to workout, I sure as hell don't want to go to the Y, b/c then that means I should be working out while I'm there. Right? I also, have to run 1 mile. (and skipped yesterday, so I have extra pressure to succeed) So it's inevitable that at one point today I will crawl to the streets and lick some Asphalt, ya lick, because I'll be crawling the whole time, duh. If I could just leave work RIGHT NOW, I could get everything done I'm complaining about, and maybe even be able to have a cold one by 7:00 with no other "to do's" Oh wait, I have laundry too. Also sneak in Angeli's. JUST ANOTHER MANIC MONDAY. Did I just stress you out and make you feel like you have more problems than you actually have? Welcome to my world, enter at your own risk.