Not even gonna beat around the bush, I am down 5 lbs. in 3 weeks! I haven't binged since Feb. 15. HUGE DEAL. Although, I did wake up yesterday with the feeling that I needed to overeat, but I shut that noise up with some raisin bran right then and there. And we are going slow and steady right now. So in 1 more lb I will be at my February 1 goal. I'll take it.

I'll speak for myself here.... but when I eat good and don't over eat, I feel good about myself, and it motivates me to workout because I don't feel like I want to sink into the couch because I just finished off a bag of chips. Junk food is the devil?

Now because I want you to succeed I'm going to share some tips and tell you some of the things I do or eat. But remember, I don't want to toot my own horn and then relapse next week.... I just pray that doesn't happen anymore....

1. I almost always try to put peanut butter on any kind of bread or cookie I eat. Maybe I'm crazy but I feel the protein and no carbs in the peanut butter cancel out the carbs of the bread or cookie. (carbs go to your waste line if over eaten, and protein goes to your muscles) My nutritionist said that unless your eating a 1/2 jar of PB a day, your fine.

2. Carry your water bottle around like a small child & their blanket. Cuddle with it, talk to it...etc. Add a Propel packet to it - they're at Walmart for $1.98 (qty 10) It has vitamins and minerals in it, plus your drinking the water at the same time. Simple stuff. Sometimes I can even use half at a time because it's pretty powerful.

3. When in doubt, eat the thing with less carbs. Hard boiled eggs, I try to eat veggies, Venison Jerky, String Cheese, Block Cheese, Trail mix, Fruit. When eating tacos, load up on meat. lettuce, cheese and tomatoes, use very little chips or only eat one or 2 shells. But, I'm human, so sometimes I find myself with a bag of licorice nibs, or like last night, a HUGE hunk of French Bread, whoops.

4. Tell yourself over and over, you deserve the body you want, if it was easy, we'd all be cracking peanuts between our cheeks! It's hard work!

5. Peanut Butter Protein Bites or Chocolate Whey Protein Bites - it's the taste of a treat, but low carbs, there's fat, but I've been told that fat fills you up, and the protein goes to your muscles. (I've mentioned that before) Look them up online, or private message me and I can send you the recipe. If I can make them, you can too.

6. Eat like this. Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack. Don't let yourself get hungry.

7. Eat a snack right before a workout, and eat protein within 30 minutes after your workout. Your body needs to repair the muscle tissue it broke down while working out, (did I say that right?) so if you give it protein, it'll repair faster and give you some sexy muscle tone.

8. Don't give into eating pressure, it's not their body, it's yours! If you have to closet eat that celery, do it!

I'm not a huge weirdo when it comes to food, kinda on the seafood diet...See Food, Eat It! Workout, Eat, Sleep, Repeat. If whey protein scares you, work your way into it, start with a zone bar as a snack or meal replacement. They're really good and don't taste like chalk.

Questions, Concerns, Would you like to see my scale and have me prove it to you just how awesome I am?! BRing IT!