2013 Is Still The Year of Smart Habits and Small Victories!

Taking 15 minutes to eat a candy bar vs. 2 minutes

Wearing a tank top to the gym or outside vs. short or long sleeve

Wearing shorts vs. capris or pants

Buy Taco Bell soft tacos vs. Taco Bell burrito supremes (omit the shell?)

Eating one candy bar or Ferrero Rocher vs. eating both at one sitting

Parking further in the parking lot vs. fighting the old lady for the close spot

Eating a whole bag of light popcorn vs. eating a whole bag of chips

Telling yourself yes vs. telling yourself no - don't deprive yourself. portion yourself

Now, if I can just keep taking my advice. here's a link to a great article of what you should be doing right after a workout. EAT PROTEIN. DO IT. no you won't get hulk muscles, but fasting isn't going to help you.