FAIL #1 - I ordered 2 pairs of pants from Under Armour 2 weeks ago, apparently I wrote the wrong address and it got sent to the wrong street, so Under Armour immediately sent me another package, meanwhile the other package also got delivered to my house because I knew the girl who lived next door to the house and she was so kind and brought it to me.

FAIL #2 - Tried on the first pair, No dice. They fit, but were too thin of material and you could see everyline and not very flattering. Second pair. HOT

FAIL #3 - When trying to even walk this morning on the treadmill, with my new snazzy pantys, they were slipping down already, I got so mad, turned off the tread 2 minutes in and just lifted instead.

Why oh why, can't I find a pair of pants that will work for me?! At first I thought it was because I wasn't buying "quality" clothing, but now when I buy quality, they still don't work.

But on a better note, I ran my first 10k on Saturday and finished the whole thing, averaging a great pace, and didn't puke afterwards! 6.2. So, with this mornings pants defeat, I'm kind of pessimistic about my running career right now, although I do want to continue running through winter this year.... I don't want to wear the same running pants. I know I used to preach it doesn't matter what you wear, but I'm kind of over that, and think i should be wearing super awesome bright cool colors in the snow- right?! So- where do YOU guys buy your pants? Unless, I just get the plain black compression pants, and wear my little cotton yoga pants over it. ugh, that sounds lame. Frustration. Maybe I can get a hat that plays music and flashes lights so I look cool. Wait, that's never gonna be cool, EVER. #stubbylegproblems