Just looking at this bottle gets me excited!
Just looking at this bottle gets me excited!
Howdy Doody- Good morning Monday! I am chewing on a Granny Smith Apple. When I bought them I was kinda snobby because they aren't my 'go-to' Macintosh, but it is performing very well today on my tastebuds! Wish I brought more than one!

There comes a point in every woman's life when they feel super ugly, they hate their clothes, they're hair needs something different.... That is me, like every February/March when the winter is too long. But, sometimes we do something about it, and sometimes we just complain until spring comes when the natural healers of sunlight and NO SNOW heal us on our own. This time I decided to do something about my negativity towards my dry, gross, dying hair. I am NOT made of money, so I can't grasp my brain around people who can go to the salon every other month to get their hair dyed, but luckily, I was just wise enough one day to realize "hey, cheap lady, get some good shampoo!" So that's what I did. I normally use V05. Yup, the 75¢ on sale V05. No wonder my hair HATES ME! I've been giving it the short stick for years now, and wondering why it isn't silky smooth and why I have no body. Sorry V05, your dead to me now. I have a salon friend, who got me some BED HEAD Shampoo & Conditioner, and before that I couldn't wait, I got some John Frieda Sheer Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner. Just holding the bottle at Wally World made my hair perk up, I could even see ladies staring at me in the check out aisle just wondering where I got my hair did.

Yup, I have a college degree, I'm so smart I switched my shampoo. I've used Herbal Essense and even Aussie & Pantene, but it didn't really excite my hair or myself. So I had to go above and beyond. If anyone else out there knows of a fancy/fun shampoo I can make my locks of love crave, please let me know! I love hearing beauty secrets.

::Side Note:: Does anyone "tone" their hair? I have some nasty dark blonde roots with some hot white blonde strands, but I want to get it more natural looking....any ideas? I've been told Malibu and Purple Shampoo

Cravings: Carbs

Baby Size: Lemon

Food Diggin: Granny Apples

Feel Like: Greek Goddess with my new hair products!