Ok, after my I hate winter vent, I decided something had to be done. My theory of thinking is now, look like an idiot, it's completely fine. You wanna wear your tall high heel boots with your spandex pants, go for it. You wanna wear sweatpants, slippers (waterproof...I won't get into that) winter gloves, scarf....etc. Who Cares. Your not impressing anyone by sitting on the couch or sitting in your break room eating bon bons. Your gonna impress those people by getting your butt to the gym and squatting until your buns are steel!!!! So Go Get it! No excuses. 2014 come and get it! I will NOT be brought down by the weather, I will NOT be brought down by my head thoughts telling me I can't do it. I will NOT. HmmmKay?!

So what are your resolutions? I'm not much for resolutions, because they don't last. If you can prove to me that Cindy Lou-Who's resolution worked ALL YEAR, then awesome, I encourage everyone to prove me wrong. My advice to you people out there is to make a list, check it twice, and have a few pointers to reach each of your goals. My goal for 2014 like always, to get sexy hott. But how does one do that? What does sexy hot even mean? How do I even start my journey to fitness and health? I'm going to tell you, it all starts in the kitchen. I prove myself right, over and over again. When I"m working out, I feel great, when I workout and eat right, I feel like the HULK. When I'm working out and eatting just to get by, I'm not excite to workout. So where do I start, how do I do it? I haven't completly figured that out. But I did print out a 2014 yearly calendar, month to month, So each month, I can focus one ONE TIP. One little tid bit to get me closer. My January one is "portion control" this is HUGE for me, the biggest flaw I have in the entire world. So, all through January, I work on portion control, every day, every meal, portion that stuff out girl. I ate macaroni and cheese the other day with my little nugget- and enjoyed it, and almost, almost went for seconds....PORTION CONTROL. If you don't practice breaking your habit, how are you actually going to break your habit.

Don't start on January 1st, start right now! Put down that cheeseburger, put it down. Your thighs don't like it! The best advice I ever got, which is amazing, came from my husband who said "that 2nd cookie is going to taste just like the first one" best advice ever!!!! Now, of course my brain also told me, "well yeaaa, that's why I want another one!" But, I tried to think positive and proactive about that pointer that has become part of my motto in life.

So I know my horn gets tooted a lot in my life, and I let you know when I've fallen into a dark hole of brownies, but hey, I'm human, I always say... If your not trying, your dying! So dramatic I know!