So I don't know how people can "complete their food & exercise diary and was under their caloric goal." pertaining to the MyFitnessPal app. I am only allowed to eat 1,520 calories a day. Most days I am around 1,800. And that includes taking off 300 calories for exercise. So what gives. Am I just not a good dieter? Or are these people whacked? Tell me how it's possible. Am I not good enough for the app, I promised I wasn't going to get all "by the books" crazy, but I am starting too. Maybe I shouldn't have any friends on that thing to compare myself, I think I am starting to remember now why I quit that app in the first place. Ho-Hum..... It's just like Facebook. Only kinda worse because you will ALWAYS see posts about exercise, rather than "Oh my dog is soooo sassy!" or "I hate my life". But what really peeves me (or does it make me jealous) when people say "just ran 5.678 miles, and I'm not even tired" or "Doing the Mud Run, what do you say XXXXX, XXXXXX, XXXXX." and they have names, then go on about 27 comments later when a phone call would a been easier. So there's my rant, and I'm not even mad at them, bc I'm guilty too. Heck ya I'll "check-in" at the YMCA. But only if I get 5 likes and 3 comments. If I don't, what's the point? Am I offbase here?! Sometimes I think that if you don't post your running route, or you workout on facebook, it actually NEVER HAPPENED. Scarrrrry.

So I started off with something else to write about, and veered off like a 3 year old playing with bubbles, then chalk, then their bike, NO I WANT THAT ONE! MOMMY! Oh ya, how I can't ever get under my calorie intake. I ate like 350 calories for breakfast, had a 175 snack, and a 485 lunch, so now I only have 50 calories to eat the rest of the day, and it's 1:00 p.m. Seriously- I'm panicking? I started gnawing at my arm around 11:15 and didn't decide to eat until 11:45, when at 12:00 I was suppose to take my lunch & run, but HAD to eat and fuel my body. So I ate at my desk to take a later lunch, in hopes of burning some stupid calories. Ya, I went all Girl Talk on you, and am doing exactly the opposite of what I wanted to do with MyFitFrenemy. It's very frustrating. Can u see why I turn to food? What's that stomach? Your hungry again! Oh so eating those vegetables, protein and fiber and natural hunger suppressors didn't satisfy you. Well crap.