Guess what? I never asked myself "will it help me" this weekend, and ate like a horse Saturday night along with adult beverages and then continued Sunday, then continued Monday. Yaaa! Go Me!!!! I will not admit to it being a binge, I will admit to it being over eating. I didn't even workout yesterday I was so awesome with life.

But today, I'll tell ya what... ::brushing my shoulders off:: I ran 4 miles, non-stop. Well crap, I have to run 5.5 on Sunday- why not start training this week? That last mile of 4 was not my finest, I really don't want to know what I looked like, but I k now it wasn't pretty. If anyone runs out there, you know when your running and your feeling good, then your mind goes off and all of a sudden your head starts tilting to the side, and you slow down a bit, (the head tilt is my sign my body is getting way tired) then you have to snap back in and fix your form. Well that last mile, I felt like the creepy lady from "The Ring" 2002 climbing out of the TV. Did I paint you a vivid picture? The moral of the story, strangely I think I want to start running again. Oh Boy. How to juggle? Every week I tell myself I'm going to make a workout plan and have goals and routines, and every week comes and I stare at a blank piece of paper tapping my pen. I want to lift more, I want to do more cardio, now my cardio wants to be running again. Great, Super Neat, how do I tackle it in writing? Right now it's like whenever I get the urge to workout, I just do it. (no pun intended)

Why do I want to run again? Because according to my Nike Fuel Band I burned like 800 calories and a got to 10,000 steps by noon today, all because of the 4 miles. Next time I'll write down my specific numbers and compare before & after. So basically I can lay on the couch for the rest of the day. So, those numbers prove to me just how efficient and great running is for your cardio. Now, run all you want, but you have to eat like a champ too. That's the hard part. Ughhhh. So, I just wanted to let you know my thoughts about running again. I knew Stella would get her groove back, but I was getting very scared she wouldn't.