Going.... Going..... Gone! As in my diet.

Scientists have actually used Wrong Turn, Wrong Pipe, Wrong Answer, Wrong Path, Wrong Choices to describe my lack of diet restraint this week #mygiveadamnsbusted. I can't really pinpoint what has caused this major meltdown of 2013 in the 3rd week, other than, I like food. That's my diagnosis. I like food, and I don't care to stop eating it. Did I like my bag of M&M's I just ate, yup, do I like my bag of skittles I'm eating now? Double Yup. You know how your arms feel all tight after doing 100 curls, well try 100 M&M's on your stomach (exaggeration) Kinda the equivalent.

My husband quit chewing about a week ago, and the first whole day, and sometimes randomly his legs just start shaking like he's fighting off pnemonia in the 1920's. To be honest....: "Hi, I'm Allyson and I have a food addition." My legs should be shaking as I fight off my cravings, but I just indulge. It's seriously the same thing. Think about it. Just like cracking your knuckles, biting the inside of your cheek, chewing your fingernails. It's just that people don't really see over eating as a habit or a personality trait, they just see fat and lazy. At least that's what I see. I have a front row seat this week. I sure as hell hope my pink wagon comes to take me away soon. Sometimes I think I should start smoking everytime I get the urge to eat something nasty, but then I think, well then how are you suppose to workout?! My life is so complicated. Team Sexy Not.