There's no way around this, I have been super busy eating myself down through a black hole to Japan. Egg rolls were even involved. The things I have done were wrong, dirty and just shameful. With that said, I am ready to face my demons, one cupcake at a time. On Cinco De Mayo I went from running 5.5 miles with a mustache, down 13th street, to 2 days ago, eating 5.5 ice cream cone cupcakes within the same time span of how long it took me to run those 5.5 miles. If I made a list of food that I didn't eat, it would be shorter than writing what I did. My inner fat kid, showed up at my door Thursday night, and stayed until last night, when I washed her away this morning with water, coffee and 3 sausages? (protein people, protein) Baby steps.

I got measured May 2, haven't lost any weight & little to no inches. Feeling defeated, but yet my body feels amazing. (Well it did, until Chubbo showed up) I started counting calories again, 1600-1800. That was the calculation Jenni did for me, I accepted. Beat my 1200 from MyFitnessPal. I had a new workout goal, adding another class weekly and one more day of weights, maybe adding those at once, was too much, and when my crazy head realized that it may not be doable, Tubby came to slap me back into reality with about 3,500 calorie days back to back for 4 days. So, back to the drawing board, make one adjustment at a time, ONE, ONE, ONE, and if you do more great. If not, you have still met your goal. How many times do I have to tell myself that?!

So last night, after downing 86,876 chocolate chip cookies and dough, I made a short list of what I needed to do the next morning to get back on track:

A. Guzzle cold water

B. Take my meds (crazy, diet, vitamins)

C. Drink my homemade Green Tea concoction (gross Pinterest, just gross)

D. Make coffee and drink it. Does anyone else out there, make coffee cuz it sounds good, then just stare at it like why did I make you? So, by 7:40 am, I had accomplished 4 goals, and have revived my brain that I can do it, and even packed my bag for spin class, which I'm nervous to go to and can picture myself upchucking on my neighbor.

So, that's that. Sometimes your inner fat kid stays far too long, but just know, that once you accept the fact that she is here, she usually gets pissed and bolts. MozzleToff.