I have been trying to write a blog for about 2 weeks. Everytime I do and get going on a good one, something comes up and I am taking away from Blogville. I am going to try hard today to not let that happen. I feel like so much has happened over the past 2-3 weeks and I am exploding with information, knowledge, updates and a few corndogs!

2 weeks ago I started on a hardcore nutrition journey: BEASTS ENQUIRE ONLY. It is intense. Here is my breakdown estimated. I can ONLY have 36 fats, 72-165 proteins, 302 carbs, and 2200 calories in one day. I double dog dare you to try to keep you fats to that one day- you have to eat like the Green Giant. Or try the protein challenge, that was hard, try getting in the 100's. Now these numbers are calculate according to my personal standards, so don't think I just gave you a get fit fast equation, because everyone's would be different. I get one cheat day. Which normally loads back on the 2 lbs. I lost during the week, and I've done that consistently for 2 weeks now, so my cheat day is NO LONGER A BINGE DAY. Cheat doesn't even rhyme with binge, so I don't know how I keep getting the 2 confused.

Umm what else happened......

1. I helped out during the Aurora 1/2 marathon and decided that I needed to start training for one again. I ran 4.6 Sunday, with 2 walk breaks, and felt like SuperWoman the whole time. But now that the weather is getting colder and darker..... it may have been a pipe dream since summer is almost over, but who knows. Maybe opportunity will just fall in my hands.

2. I have a new running partner on Monday mornings, we enjoy short runs and complaining how much it sucks that were up.

3. My Sisterhood of the traveling pants are getting loose!!! They are! They are! I can succeed against them.

4. I am NO LONGER AN XL. I am a solid L. If I have to squeeze into a XL, I won't buy it, bc obviously it wasn't made right for my L shaped bod. Sexy L's here we go! Also, I am "this" close to considering myself a size 14. I declared it last week, but went shopping yesterday and got discouraged, dang. So, we're still working on that declaration.

5. The scale is at a sturdy 195, I saw 193 last week, but then decided to eat every town here to Green Bay on Saturday, so, that's a big no-no for my next "cheat day"

Why am I telling you these personal numbers. Because that's all they are. Numbers. They don't define me as a person, they simply tell me where I'm at, and where I want to go. They help me celebrate the small victories. I watch Extreme Weightloss and see these chicks that weigh LESS than me, but look nothing like me fitness wise. At least I hope they don't. Do I get frustrated, sure. But, everyone has their own journey & it's your choice how you want to live yours. So embrace where you are today, and realize that this is how you are today, keep looking forward and NEVER look back.