This is a self portrait
This is a self portrait
If anyone knows me, or talks to me on a weekly basis, or daily, you may know that this pregnancy hasn't been going the way I wanted it to go.

#1. Morning Sickness

#2. Eating like Garbage

#3. Skipping Workouts

#4. Extreme backpain, buttpain and headaches

I've been a King Gorilla ever since I saw those 2 blue lines.

So last week I was at my breaking point. I had a migraine for 1-2 weeks straight off and on ALL DAY, my teeth had cavities I could feel pulsating in my brain, and when I stood up, I walked like I was carrying 3 babies because of nerve pain in my right butt cheek. So I went to the Doc. I said Doc, I'm falling apart. And listed everything there. Then I called the Dentist EVERYDAY until they finally said someone had canceled. Then the baby Doc sent me to a physical therapist for my butt/back pain. What was happening? (I'm not complaining, I'm simply telling you what I've been going through, last week IF I would of blogged, I would of complained)

1. I had to get a root canal- and fill another tooth for a cavity. Best day of my life, for rizzle.

2. My SI is out of whack (term for 2 bones that aren't aligned in my Pelvic Bone)

3. Needed a Kidney Ultra Sound to make sure there's no infection causing back pressure

3. Migraines were being caused from my toothaches and roots being messed up from the cavity.

4. I've been skipping workouts because of my pain and headaches and by 5:00 I want to curl in a ball and die.

I saw a huge rainbow after my teeth were fixed, after I found out I wasn't crazy for having right butt pain, I felt even less crazy that I wasn't just being a whiney baby. So a lot has happened. I feel like a spring chicken this week. I rode my bike 13 miles on Saturday, felt not soo good, but didn't hurt my SI. Body Pump last night for an hour! Felt good, except for bench pressing where my butt cheek had pressure on it. #suckitupbuttercup. I feel about as new as I can for someone who has 1,000's of emotions and thoughts running through her head daily. Sometimes all you need is an answer. You just need someone to say "hey, lookey here, your not crazy, your strong, and I'll tell you why" Root Canal and Misaligned Pelvic should answer that right there. But sometimes we don't get those answers we need right away because we try to be tuff and just suck it up. Money is an issue, time is an issue, and most of all, do we really need the help we think we need? After my experience, I'm just saying it's worth the $$ to be told A. Your just being a wussy or B. Yes, you need help. At least then you know right?! So, here's to workouts and salads!!! Well, maybe a couple of cheeseburgers?!

Baby Size: Sweet Potato Today, Mango on Wednesday!

Cravings: Nothing Really (finally) Yellow Full Calorie Soda Pop I Guess.

Best Achievement: Actually Feeling Good Enough to Workout and Want To!

Feel So Good I Could: Run a 5k? Hmmmmm.

What I'll probably Do: Not Run a 5k