Alright, I just went the gym and saw a girl who took me back to my college years. Back at CMU-Fire Up CHIPS- At the SAC (student activity center) there would be these girls, I liked to pretend they were freshmen, and didn't know any better.... b/c there would be like 2 or 3 of them, wearing their cute little outfits, showing their tummies with their hair down and makeup. I'd be sweating my butt off on the bike or elliptical, in sweatpants and a cutoff, probably mis-matched socks and an extra 25 lbs, still left on from Freshmen year. And they come in, all ready to go clubbing giggling with eachother curling the 3 lb. dumbells. Really people? I mean way to go, take that step to workout, but we all know your trying trying to get those guys to invite you to the party on Friday night. I always dreamed of wearing extra hair ties on my wrist, and just taking aim at anyone without a hair tye zinging them from across the gym, saying "Your welcome" and waving with a smile. So, today I saw the No Hair tye girl on the treadmill running, and was like oh man here we go again. She had no excuse and clearly wasn't in college and of course was your typical gym hottie all cute and small. The YMCA actually has extra hairtyes behind the desk. If you ask for a rubberband, they will say "do you want a hair tye" (they're not dumb). So, was I jealous that she looked amazing in her black pants and perfectly placed hair, kinda, but I personally like to come out of the gym looking uglier than I came in to the gym. The uglier the better. It's the only real way to tell if you did you job. People at work know that if my face is red, stay away from me for about an hour until after I take my cubicle shower, that consists of Victoria's Secret Juiced Berry Body Mist, Secret Deodorant, and my Mini Fan. (So my hair can blow like a supermodel.....of course.)

So there you have it, my main gym pet peeve, put your hair in a ponytail. Please, just do it for me. Thanks.

No offense to the woman, I'm sure she was is a very nice lady and I am sure she just plum forgot to bring a hair tie.

Tye or tie?