So how was everyone's thanksgiving?! I did soooo amazing it's unreal. I had 3 different thanksgivings, one on Sunday, then 2 on Thursday. Kept it together, fought back my hunger sweats. Then you know what happened? About Sunday evening, December 1st, my body went into mental food shock and started wanting grease, candy, cookies & more grease, so what did I do, fed the beast on Monday! McDonald's at lunch, but still managed to pull it together and get to class at 6 pm. And was thinking hey look at me! I'm on top of the world!!! I can have my cake and eat it too!! WRONG-O. So, Monday I held it together, Tuesday I fell apart, and that was the last day I exercised until today IF I GO! (Class tonight at 6 pm) I've said this before, but after I skip more than 4-5 days, I am always soo embarrassed to go back. Like EVERYONE knows that I've been endulging on cupcakes, candy, and chips and salsa. And all of them are PERFECT, and have been eatting 1,500 calories and 20 fats a day. Right? Anyone else out there feel that they can't do it because they're not as good as they were last week. Ya, crazyville.

My lunch/snacks today I packed consists of Cheez Nips, Grapes, Animal Crackers, Banana, 2 Apples, Tuna Packet, 85% cacoa chocolate bar, maybe a packet of Taco Bell hot sauce. So, add all of those up, EPIC FAIL. Where is the substance? Where is the main course? Where is the meat? What's for Dinner? Is it Friday yet?

Hey, so if my endulgances aren't getting me to where I want to go, what would happen if I completely just stopped giving into my cravings, what if my master plan works?!?! OhMy. Ahh Haa! Lightbulb!!