....... Just a warmup of what I really planned on writing about. Woke up, feeling sluggish bc of my carb & chocolate hearts overload last night, but was determined to make 2013 Valentine's Day the best ever. So, put on a pink/black shirt, black pants, pink headband, blinged out earrings, if I had pink eyeliner, I woulda used it. Set up Madi's presents on the table, woke her up at 7:20 literally carrying her to the couch bc she was in a dead sleep. Did valentine's for 10 minutes while getting her dressed, 7:40 came - alright let's get your jacket on and load the car.... "I pooped" Well, she didn't poop, she peed. Alright let's change your clothes, that took a good 6 minutes because she thought it was funny I was in a hurry and she loves running around naked. I mean, who doesn't right? She looks like a hot valentine mess today, insisted on wearing her Tinkerbell Backpack accessorized with her stuffed animal "bear" purse & cowboy boots. Finally got her outside at 7:50, was walking the trash out (hahaha, I could of inserted something super funny here) and SLIIPPPP, down I go with 6 bags of garbage, in the snow. Great. So finally got her in the car, my backtire starts making the noise I took it to Dugre's to get looked at yesterday, but he wanted me to drive back when it was actually making the noise, of course it makes the noise when I'm a day late and a dollar short! So, I walked into work looking like my dog died, or an actual dead dog, I dunno? The day is slowly getting better, but seriously, of all the awesome snowstorms we've had in the past month, I won't be forgetting this one. Oh, and we're NOT done yet!

So it's about time you hear about my inner struggles.....

Well, Monday, I believe I blogged about how great my body felt and yada yada.... it did until Monday night when I started to feel like I was dying. I chalked it up to hunger, and complained to my nutritionist (ya, that was my big secret) she told me to go eat some protein or a banana or a scoop of peanut butter, which the thought of eating any of those made me want to blow chunks. I started a low starch diet last Monday afternoon, so I went for a week strong before my body started screaming from the insides asking me what I was doing to myself?!?!?!?! My nutritionist is a specializer in starch bites and high protein diets and using flour and starch substitutes like flax meal, seed, almond flour, protein bars, eating nuts, eggs, lean meat, and some other expensive ingredients that at the time, was like oh ya I can do this. Then reality slapped me and I was like, hell to the no, there's gotta be a different way to do this!

#1. I don't cook meals from scratch.

#2. I have a 2 year old with demands.

#3. Pasta is the one thing I'm actually good at cooking! (it's so hard, lol)

So when I got sick Monday night and went home sick Tuesday I began to assess if this is really the "lifestyle" change I wanted. The answer was no, it's not how I wanted to live. Like I've been saying lately, if you don't try it, your crazy. Well that was my crazy for 2013 so far, and I'm sure it's not my last. Then I really dug deep Tuesday as I layed on my death bed, Weight Watchers has always worked for me, but it turns into carb over load and then doesn't work because I forget about the vegetables and fruit, and just eat toast and rice cakes. So I need to eat how I eat, just have to portion! So my next task at hand is to meet with a nutritionist at the YMCA (my favorite place in the whole world) I figured, instead of meeting with the other lady, I can meet at the Y, and then get a workout in at the same time! WIN- WIN!

I have always wanted to do low carb, with someone to "coach" me, but I'd like to start suuuuper slow, and my biggest problem is portions and telling myself NO, you don't need ANOTHER candy bar, fatty. So, after I meet with her and feel comfortable letting all ya'll know what I'm doing, who knows, maybe I find my niche and I keep it a secret from you bc I want to be the only size 8 out there! Ahh, to be a size 8....dare to dream my friends, dare to dream. Wait no, (slaps myself) BE THE DREAM!

Share the Love Today! Happy Valentine's Day! Don't be sad, it's a good day, what other day can you buy yourself flowers and candy and say they're from a secret admirer?! George Glass?