Hello, and welcome to... FUN FACT THURSDAY! Where you will read random facts about me! If this isn't fun, I don't know what is!

1. I dislike (nearly hate) chicken breasts. I'm very nervous about summer bc I know they are and I quote "great for grilling." (says every grocery store ever) To me, they taste like chewy cardboard. No matter how long I marinade or low and long I cook them, they're ALWAYS dry and sick! Anyone know a good chicken recipe with 5 ingredients or less?

2. I can't eat more than 3 baby carrots in a row without getting the disgusted look on my face. I will choke them down b/c I know they're good for me, but I only buy them bc they are like always 99¢. Like the stores are just giving them away! Cooked carrots, good, raw carrots, yuck.

3. I could live on protein chocolate balls. (But I might get fat)

4. My new obsession is sautéed mushrooms. Toss a little virgin olive oil in a pan, cut the shrooms in half or smaller, and let those babies sizzle! Onions optional. Go great in omelettes, on rice, in your belly...etc.

5. I love weekends, yet I hate them. They are not my friend in the eating department, which you hear quit often.

This isn't a FUN FACT, but an inspiring story about a girl who was just tempted with a BBQ Ruffle. I was just tempted and taunted to try a new Ruffles Ultimate Sweet and Smoking BBQ chip. I said a polite and firm no, then I said a weak no, then said oh that can be my challenge to eat just one. With my hands securely on each side of the bag about to pop those babies open, I threw them in the air screamed NO and ran outta the break room like a bat outta hell!! Man it felt riveting! If I eat one, I eat the whole bag, when I eat the whole bag, I buy another bag...... #runawayquick

WHAT ARE YOUR WEEKEND GOALS, it'll be here before you know it.