So, while eating like the hulk for 3 days, I lost about 2 lbs, just dropped off, then Sunday rolls around and BOOM, HOT! HOT! HOT! Hey Honey, let's go get some ice cream. When I got home, I decided my beautiful M&M McFlurry needed more garbage! So, I added chocolate syrup, nuts and frinkles (as Madi calls them), and it didn't stop there. I bought an industrial size redvine/twizzler package at walgreens last week ($1.09 on sale, couldn't say no) and decided to eat those too. Not so much the whole bag, but I made a good dent. Then last night it happened again, only ended with Cool Ranch Doritos and finished the licorice bag. This mornng I woke up with the gross over eating feeling in my stomach, ayé ayé ayé! While eating, I knew that each bite brough me closer to an overdose, but somehow I felt like I deserved it? Not the overdose, but the feeling of greatness on my tongue. Gag Me! So, I then realized, it's my night eating that is has previously held me back. I could add an extra 500 easy most nights past 8:30. After that the brat is in bed (jk I love her) and I can enjoy my very own snack! Tonight, I am going to try popcorn and diet coke. I've been having a hankering for A DC for a couple days now. I like to think the bubbles and fizz fill me up.

Another bummer, now that my 1 mile a day challenge is over, I don't feel the need to run. I can't justify it in my head to wear 2 outfits or to wake up early before the chickens start singing. I can stay up past 9 pm now too and am not so drop dead tired. I do feel a sense of accomplishment, so does anyone have a match they can light under me to get my rear in gear again with running? I love my running partner on Thursday mornings, but if I don't keep running, I'll be ditching her for more zzzzz's and won't physically be able to keep up with her. She's amazing and has the heart of a gold stallion when it comes to training for races, plus we always have great BS-ing sessions. So is there anything wrong with still waking up to go 1 mile? Hoping some mornings I'll grab some more mileage?