So here I thought I was doing really good deeds over here putting flax meal in my yogurt, like somehow saving the world one scoop at at time, saving puppies, adding years to my life, and then I go to search "the benefits of flax meal" and sure there are benefits, but not ones that totally cater to my lifestyle. ::ENTER SOUND OF A SCRATCHED RECORD:: Hold the phone. ::ENTER SOUND OF A DIFFERENT SCRATCHED RECORD:: Now I just read much better info on ehow than I just did on LIVESTRONG. Here are some benefits - (I copied and pasted) Flax seed meal has a great amount of fiber that helps regulate your digestive system and prevent constipation. The nutrition in flax seed helps improve the appearance of hair, nails and skin. omega-3s and lignans--seem to help combat certain types of cancer.....cholesterol, heart disease

That really just sounds like Activia to me. Until recently I HATED, yes hated, but still choked down yogurt. But since I went to that nutritionist who had me try weird stuff, I have this HUGE bag of flax meal, that just stares at me everyday, and is close to $6.00 a bag at Angelis. (who does that?) So, despite my oh nobody likes the weird girl, I'm the weird girl eating that in my yogurt, which adds thickness and a little mystery to my yogurt. And I 100% agree that I like yogurt when that stuff is in there, maybe I'm being picky or a benefit snot but I really like benefits when I read words like "metabolism, energy, weight loss, better mood" So, you can imagine my curled up nose when I read cholesterol, heart disease, cancer, and digestive. No offense to people who want those benefits, go get some flax meal. Now me, I'm no Einstein, but I think I just diagnosed myself for the "magic ingredient" that sounds a lot like "exercise, eat fruits and veggies" Back to the Basics.

I'll still eat the flax meal, I did also read that it goes bad fast if you don't have it in a cool area. I'm pretty bad with expiration dates, I like to "challenge" my body, If there's leftovers from like 5 days ago, if it smells ok, I will eat it. The raccoon of the family because I know the $value$ of groceries and don't want anything to go to waste. For example, no lie, I had almond milk (yes another weirdo food) in my fridge for like 6 weeks, thinking it lasted for honestly 6 months after being opened. Nope, just like regular milk. But it's when you don't open the almond milk is when it has a shelf life of 6 months, so I smelt it, and used it one last time before I tossed it out. I'm really only gross (to some) with food, I obviously won't eat anything that looks, smells or has things growing on it..... again I like to challenge my body, if it still tastes good, it's still good in my book. Anyone else like that? Or is it too early in the morning for this talk?