You know those tv shows or old movies when "mama" gets sick and she's on bedrest upstairs and people visit her house off and on all day and are whispering in the kitchen to eachother "well, how is she today Roy" And Roy says "well the Doc took her off of the incubator, and she has been keeping her soup and tea down." That's how I feel like you guys feel about me sometimes. It's like well what is crazy christiansen gonna write about today?! Is she up, is she down, has she lost it again?! I then whisper:: Well I'm stable in the portion control and seem to have kept my weight maintained over the weekend. BAM. End Scene.

But really, surprise! surprise! I have started using fitpal again. It's an app that tracks your calorie intake and calculates how many calories you need a day to lose or maintain your weight. At the end of the day, if you eat good It'll tell you that in 5 weeks your weight will be XXX (lower). If you eat a little too much that day, it'll tell you that in 5 weeks your weight will be XXX (higher) Let me tell you, I have gone over every day, some worse than others and I still feel much better. But isn't the average calorie intake based on a 2,500 or 2,000 calorie diet? That's maintaining right? Help me on this. I don't feel like researching only to find myself on ebay looking up kittens in sweaters (jk) Unlike the last time I used it, I am NOT obsessing about if I can't find the right food in the database, or if I eat 1.5 portions and only write down 1. I'm trying to just do it for the sanity of knowing the basis of where my everyday eating is. One night that turd of an app told me I would gain 3 lbs. if I kept eating how I did that day. Umm hello, I only had like 2,500 calories. That's a good day compared to my binge days where I could probably pack in 5,000. So eat it fitpal, in more ways than one.

I'm almost back to my weight where I was before I porked it up with 8 lbs. I'M STILL BEWILDERED BY THAT GAIN. 3 lbs. to go. Not even to lie to you guys, but drinking a glass of water before your meal actually helps you feel fuller. BC it's liquid goodness and expands your belly. I had a small tupperware of tuna helper the other day and my girl comes in the break room and is like Geee Al, you gonna finish all that. But I guzzled a glass of water and the tuna was actually packed in that container. I was full after. I know your all reading this thinking I'm crazy and thinking how lame it is and who wants to drink water, I want a Big Mac. (bc I used to say the same thing) I know, I know. Try it, you actually forget you drank that water. One Meal at a time. Does anyone have anything interesting to tell me, I feel like I'm talking to the air lately.