BODY IMAGE. The past few months I've been soul searching to only ask myself how my body feels & looks, rather than the number that likes to put me down in the dumps. I'll tell you I feel great, and I feel like I look great. (did I just say that?) I have also gotten 3 compliments from 3 diff people, 2 if mom's don't count. I went from "averaging" 3 times a week working out, I now average 5-6 times a week, and have added weights 2 times a week, and running a mile or more every day. So you could say I've stepped it up a bit. Now that I've taken on the challenge of running a mile a day until July 4th, I no longer have the option of saying I don't want to. Because I have to, and it's only a mile I keep telling myself. So, when my alarm goes off super early or I have an hour at lunch to workout, I really don't have a choice, it's ONLY A MILE. And still, I know that I don't really have to run or workout, 5 days out of 7 I normally want to. and I know that if I don't workout by 4 pm everyday, I won't be working out that day. I really hope I'm not jinxing myself here. Yesterday, my alarm failed as well as this morning. But ideally, I'd like to get in a full workout by 6:45 every morning. Dream On Right?

So yesterday, feeling good about my mind & body, I ran the Y block before lifting. Around the time I got to the cemetery area, I thought to myself-- how sucky would that be if some runner just came and passed me. Well, it didn't happen until I was rounding my last corner with the Y in site, but this chick didn't only run past me, she sprinted past me, with her little tootsie roll legs and her little tootsie roll torso. (That I really want to have) Immediately I felt defeated, then quickly tried to justify why she was faster than me, before I blew my whole workout feeling sorry for myself. So I checked her out claiming that I had 50 lbs on her, was prob 10 years older, and she's was clearly in better shape. And if I felt worse than I did, I woulda played the mom card, but I didn't go there. She didn't even want to be runner friends with me, no smile or hello as she whizzed by me. So all that made sense to me and I moved on. Oh, I forgot to mention, she didn't have a drip of sweat on her! I on the other hand, was raining.

So, what I'm making a habit (upstairs) little by little. Unless I'm getting paid by Nike, I try hard to not compare yourself to other people, still hard. You have no idea where their running shoes sleep at night, or how many crazy voices they have in their head. Do what works for you.

ONE MORE THOUGHT:: Here is an article on body image, Melissa McCarthy is the topic yet again, how they photoshoped her face skinnier and then lower in the article they made her waist incredibly skinny on the "bridesmaids" poster. I never noticed that one. So, I don't have an opinion on either, if you had a zit, they would photoshop that out. Hollywood takes away the ugly, and gives you pretty. I really hope she doesn't lose weight like every other overweight actress or singer who gets famous for one year for being great and having a normal body, then loses like 30-50 lbs to get "Hollywood-inized" Examples that come to my mind, Carrie Underwood, Leah Michelle (Glee) Ashley Rickards (Awkward, this one makes me the most mad because she was already a size 4 and decided she needed to be a size -4) Jennifer Hudson (singer, actress, weight watchers)

Can I get an AMEN to Mariah Carey, Miranda Lambert, Demi Lovato, Kim Kardashian. These girls, have been in the spotlight and have honestly remained true to themselves. Go Team.