So, this mom is the bomb. Ya, I said it. I went to the Y today and owned it. I'd like to give a special thanks to Kesha and Britney for pushing me through the times where I felt and looked like I was going to die with my "oh this sucks" ugly face.

For 2013, my first goal was to refresh my ipod. Yes, still my teeny shuffle from 2006. So, I have about 15 songs on there. I recently got the new Kesha & Pink CD from Santa,and splurged $1.19 and got the new Britney Scream and Shout song from iTunes. Now, don't judge me for having or listening to that music. Sure those girls like to party in the club, but you know where I like to party? At the gym or when I run outside. So boom, add some upbeat new-fresh music and you have an easy 30 minute workout where you are sweating, lip-syncing, and snapping your gum. Everyone probably hated me today. Oh well, it's my workout, not yours! Then when I walked outside, I realized I should have married a George Graphos because it was beautiful out! I really should of taken in some Vitamin D outside. Learn from your mistakes and move on I guess.

Call me crazy, but I kind of want a blog outside of my work one. Problem is, it will be illegal for me to update it at work, since it's not work related. And after work, I'm chasing a child around and doing housework and other things moms are suppose to do. So, what are your thoughts? Just a simple site, to post what I post on here, but maybe add some cooler graphics and personalize with different links and photos I find that inspire me?! Holla at me and let me know if that sounds like something you would be interested in.

(And I secretly want to be found by Hollywood and work along side Jillian Michaels, or have her train me on Biggest Loser)