Turns out, clean eating is harder than I thought. Surprise! Surprise! Leave it to me, to get all excited about my new idea or workout plan, and only a day or 2 later, realize,it's unrealistic for me. I looked into it more Friday afternoon and if you want to do it right, you have to seriously make all your own food. (Like a Caveman) Serious clean eaters make their own granola bars, probably churn their own butter, make brownies from scratch, probably catch fish with their bare hands and just do really awesome things that I don't have the time, patience or brains to do. So I've decided to be a dusty eater. Be as clean as I can without poking my eyes out, limiting anything with obvious extra sugar added, and throwing in a box of instant potatoes or cookie here and there to keep me sane. I'm still on the making new habits kick and controling my beast. I have been chewing sugar free gum after meals and as much as I can to keep my mind off candy and chocolate.

With my new habits, drumroll please.....I maintained my weight over the weekend! It's a Christmas miracle. I even ate out 3 times! I felt a little ashamed after eating the Pizza Hut, but, I moved on and didn't dwell on it. Somehow I manage to control my portions and eat slow. So, if I can do that every weekend, which is the goal, I'll be golden. Is it weird that I secretly thought I did so much better than other weekends, I was looking forward to a lower number? The truth is, I probably just ate like a normal person, because I didn't dive head first into any binges. Well, here's to wishing, and hopefully succeeding and meeting my goals! Cheers:: (water bottle in hand) CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!