First of all let me state, if you didn't start your NEW JOURNEY OR ADVENTURE, yesterday, START RIGHT NOW!!!! Don't wait. Yesterday my husband said, so did you start your resolution? and I said naw, in a few days when I get down a little schedule. Right away he stated, I started today, I only chewed once! It was 10 am and that was a HUGE accomplishment for him, so kudos. So then, I was like, what am I waiting for? Stop making excuses and putting it off, and just do it. Stop being scared to start and being lazy. I did eat a "complimentary" breakfast that morning at the hotel (we stayed for new years with the kids) but, just because I had that one little splurge, doesn't mean I need to continue that habit. Yesterday was a very hard day for me dealing with making new habits and controlling my beast. Was honestly really hard, and I know it's going to be hard for a while. But I didn't die from doing it, so it can't be that bad right? One step at a time.

Smart People, Bad Habits

I don't normally watch Dr. Phil, but it happened to be on yesterday and they were talking about breaking habits. Cha-Ching. I have created that junk food/chocolate habit, all by myself. I want it, I'll get it, I'll eat it. But junk food is addictive, so I don't always stop at one helping. So what Dr. Phil was talking about briefly was taking your bad habit and replacing it with a positive one.

Example: You have a habit of biting your nails. Replace that habit with crocheting or something else with your hands. Replace Your Habit with something else that has a more positive outcome. You are replacing your old habit, with a positive one. I had an aha moment, so smart! So how do I replace eating my junk? By eating a celery stalk? Any ideas out there? So, what I did instead, was replace that nutty bar I wanted so bad with a candycane. Errrr, kinda like eating junk, but it's much better than downing a box of M&M's so I considered it a success. I need a different habit, but for yesterday it worked. Seriously, besides chewing gum, does anybody have any ideas of what I can replace my cravings with?!

Fight the Fight with me People. Stop putting it off, Declare War With YOURSELF! Bring on the Battlefield! Make Small Goals, and Meet them. Next week, hopefully I can write a list of my goals, tricks and/or habits I want to change.