MY QUESTION FOR YOU---- (if you get nothing else out of this, please answer me this) When you track your food..... Do you count your fruits & vegetables?

So my chicken, fish and veggie plan lasted until Friday. But, if you ask my friend snailfest, we only were striving until Thursday. And, on thursday, I felt good, no dips in energy, and felt like I was breathing out pure clean C02. But my weight was up. So I stopped, what went wrong? Well, when I went to inferno fitness for nutrition, she told me to eat 2,000 cals with 34 fats... remember those days? So I was eating 2,000 cals, but eating more fat. but our bodies burn calories right? With working out, you would of thought I would of at least felt a teeny bit smaller or flatter? I think i'm just too quick to jump to the final product, I have to learn to drive the car and be patient to get to the destination. But just like most every woman, we want results yesterday, so by friday I was really sick of my chicken. So, I'm back to square one and I remember telling you guys I'm NEVER going to talk about clean eating again unless I actually lose a signifcant amount from it. Or continue it for longer than a week. FAIL. And everyone is telling me "I told you so." But whatever, I'm human. I'm a chick with hormones and emotions. No regrets.

Went to body pump today at noon hour and I'll tell you what. PUREaMAZING. I'm back to bodypump 2 times a week, and I can 100% tell a difference between one class a week and 2. I am stronger, actually want to put more weight on, and my shoulders are looking super nice, I can't wait to see what they look like in 10 more weeks! Now if only my arse would catch up to my top half of my body, we will be golden. Oh, and my stomach could def lose a few inches. #daretodream

So, I'm still going to log my food, cuz you would be surprised how much you actually eat when you don't keep track.


When you track your food..... Do you count your fruits & vegetables?

I'm leaning towards NOT COUNTING THEM. I should be rewarded for eating them, not punished by having to subtrack calories. Vegetables are super low in cals anyways, but fruits are not. So, DO YOU COUNT FRUITS & VEGETABLES, when you track your food?