So, I got measured yesterday and I lost some inches. But, I WANT MORE! So I have vowed to start writing a food journal. A Dear Diary if you may. The first thing Jenni asks me EVERYTIME is "what's working for you" and each time I cringe and say, well I just don't give up. But I want more, just like the girl on the AT&T commercial. Except that my mom can't tell me that I can't have more! I want faster, harder, better results.

I'm ready for that next step. I'm ready for that fighter stance, those red eyes, the sweat dripping off my nose, I'm READY, BRING IT WORLD. So, I have turned to a food journal. I'm not going to write the calories, but just the food. When I look back each night, if I see potato chips, I have failed, if I see apple, I have won. It's not that I can't have the potato chip, but I don't want that chip! I want that muscle, I want that glory, I want that size 6 & I want that 185! Who's with me?! How am I going to be that dragon destroying the castle?! Weekly changes. Who needs monthly changes, when we have weeks to break down our victories?!!!!?

My first challenge, (which may take a couple weeks to get down) EAT CLEAN. I've said it before, but I am going to try hard as hell to eat simple ingredients. Meat, Cheese, Eggs, Nuts, Lettuce, Chicken, Tomatoes, Apples, Plums, Cantaloupe, Asparagus, Beans, Peas, Protein Drinks, Water. I'm going to fight until my breaking point of grabbing that ice cream bar, I will fight until I'm red in the face to grab those pretzels. As clean as I possibly can. But of course, if I'm eating a taco, the shell is kind of dirty, but 80/20 baby. I have to live a little too right? Who wants more!?! So, I have to compile a list of weekly changes I can tackle. Now, when the week is over am I going to throw that change out the window? No, it will then be incorporated into my daily lifestyle. I'm not starting a fad diet. I'm not doing a 3 day cleanse (which I did think about, sassy me) I'm becoming an absolute monster, a beast, a creature in the night. Hear me ROAR!