I want that before and after picture so bad right now. I want to be that success story of a girl who lost that weight she's been trying to her whole life. I want that before and after picture so bad I could cry...... Maybe it's my mood and determination lately, but I seriously do feel like I have my sh*t together this time. I'm not obsessing about numbers, I'm not getting out a measuring cup to measure 1/2 of refried beans, I'm using my head and eating like a normal person. I haven't binged in 2 weeks to date! I don't even want to. I know I can eat whatever I want, when I want, I just choose not to. I had 2 girlscout cookies with my lunch today. Don't get me going about those sweet innocent little girls wanting to give you cookies filled with gooey goodness. Those little brats! But here we are today, Friday, good day, it used to be a scary day, knowing the weekend full of junk food and over eating would be taking place and 'replacing' all my hard work during the week. Not this weekend, not last weekend. I got this.

I've been collecting before shots for over a year now, thinking- ooohh I look chubby there, and I could probably do one with my honeymoon or even wedding picture, I was 20 lbs heavier than I am today. :) I remember my wedding day, seriously best day ever, but I didn't eat good leading up to the day and wasn't even exercising. My life was not headed in the right direction at all health/fitness wise. Maybe my before and after picture will be a series of 3 or 4 pictures? Wedding, today, future........ however long it takes me, I am determined.

Does anyone want to share their before and after photos with me?! email me at achristiansen@eagleherald.com. These are for my inspiration and eyes only. Will not be used in a blog or posted in any form on the web or bulletin boards or shown to co-workers. Be Proud!