I started to ween myself off of coffee. I have a new virtual girlfriend, other than Britney Spears (shocking, please don't tell her) who has 129 videos (so far) on youtube about fitness and health, and she dressed up as Xena for halloween and has the abs and shoulders to prove that she knows what she's talking about. I watched a video last Friday night, and she had about 10 very good reasons why coffee isn't good for you. But, I'm sure you can find our 10 very good reasons why it is good for you. But, since I'm all about learning, I listed to what she had to say and she had very good points, so starting Saturday morning, up until today, I've only had one travel mug (sometimes less) per day of coffee. Over the past 2 years, I've steadily increased my coffee intake like so:

1. I used to only drink it black. 1-2 cups

2. Then I started adding 2 splenda's. 1-2 cups

3. A year later, I started using powdered cream (hello lover) 2-3 cups

4. Started a "Coffee Clutch Club" at work ($2.00 a month gets you unlimited coffee at work) 3-4 cups some days

5. Started drinking coffeee even at 3 pm, instead of having a snack.

6. I am a full fledged coffee drinker.

7. Watched the youtube video. Ok this stuff isn't good for me.

And that's that. I can't share with you my girlfriend, bc I'm being selfish and am not ready to share her with the world. Kind of like a really awesome pair of shoes. "Oh, I don't remember where I got them, or how much they were"

I am not going to explain this very good, but her cry is that it stresses your adrenal glands, and when those are stressed, something with cortisol, and belly fat! As soon as I heard that, I was like yup. I hear so many things about how if you are stressed out, your body makes cortisol, and if you don't use that stress hormone- it will get stored as fat, hense the muffin top. Now, I do have my facts mixed up, as I am at work, and can't youtube her or other facts to straighten it out. But think of coffee as caffeine, and read up on caffeine and the body. Now, I'm down to 1 cup a day. And I'm QUITTING the Coffee Clutchers Club effective December. Even from averaging 3 cups a day, I've had a slow build of a headache. And today, it's a full on headache.

#WHOWOULDTHOUGHT I Allyson Christiansen, was addicted to caffeine. Think of coffee as caffeine -it makes more sense.

Stop thinking about the beans that were grown in Brazil and carried down the mountain top in a large basket by a donkey. And, stop dreaming that you just woke up at your parents farmhouse and walked downstares in your slippers & oversized t-shirt to smell the aroma of coffee, with cup waiting for you on the kitchen table as you look out the window and see the roosters crowing. I just drank it because it tasted good and I thought that's what people who work in offices do. It makes me feel smart. But also so does wearing my glasses. So I choose the glasses NOT of coffee. Does anyone follow. So for now, it's 1 cup a day. Eventually, since my 2014 is going to be so ROCKING- I will quit coffee, or perhaps have it 1 or 2 days a week. But for now. I suggest you guys look at the effects of caffeine. Don't think about those little tiny beans of goodness that smell so good. Think about my pulsing headache, and now upset/pukey stomach.