So it's been a while. I don't know what it is. Maybe I don't feel like confessing my inner darkness with you? Maybe I've been too busy really really working on my eatting habits that I haven't had time to type out my thoughts. Whatever it is sorry if you missed me. I've missed you too.

For the past month except for 5 or 6 days, I've written down every item of food that has come encountered to my mouth. I'm using myfitnesspal again. Can you say on-again off-again bromance? I've found it's easier just to type in my food, find it and say yup that's what I ate- MARK IT DOWN! and I don't have to use a calculator to add up my cals or fats for the day. Genius. Just don't tell me how far you ran, or that you ate a whole bag of carrots bc I don't care. I'm doing me right now. Perhaps that's also it. I've been so selfish and in my own head, I haven't had time to really daydream off like I used to about my wishes or goals. I'm doing them. Talk it Cheap. Let's see results! And I have.

It's just those damn weak days where you think that eating everything you see is a great idea. That was me on Sunday. We were coming back from a wedding in Petoskey. Tired, hung over, hungry, bored. Oh and somebody forgot to bring pillows (we rented a cabin) so we used balled up sweatshirt/pants as pillows. #ShouldawenttoWalmart. I didn't eat actual breakfast until Manistique, found chips in the car with crackers, didn't have any coffee, got mozzarella sticks and french fries at 11:00 a.m., chicken tenders later that day, can you say frosting container, Ugh it pains me even to think about Sundays choices, that's why I'm moving forward. It happened, oh well. My scale LOVED me today. And I LOVED it.

If you want results you have to eat like an actual goddess. You have to watch your fat, carbs, up your protein and watch calories. You can't just eat whatever you want like I thought as long as it's in moderation. That's bullshark. If you have NEVER dieted in your whole entire life, moderation would be where to start. If you want results, eat your vegetables and up your protein. See how boring I am? I've been doing my homework over here. I guess that's why nerds are nerds and can be very successfull at life. They're too busy NOT gossiping and being the best dressed at the party. They're highly invested in their future working on their future. Forget everyone else. (in the nicest way possible) Today is all about you. But don't trip people as they're walking to the water cooler. I mean, come on, be an all around A+ you little stud muffin you!