It's been a while since my last confession, oh wait, that's not where we are.... Actually, Mother Nature decided to take me down. I've been sick since Saturday, and finally today I feel normal. (but define normal right?) Like actual call into work I can't move sick..... yuck.

So, I think I'll be hitting my Feb goal of 5 lbs, by next week! My weigh-in consultant said "DOWN" again to me yesterday, then blurted out "You LOST 4 lbs since you started!" Actually, that's what I translated it to, what she said, could have been you almost lost 4 lbs, or you lost over 4 lbs. I got so excited to hear "lost" and "4 lbs" in the same sentence I just made up my own sentence. lol. I'm a good month late on my goal, but who cares. What's my secret? PORTION CONTROL. I think I wrote about that in my last blog, so I won't bore you. And my sickness the past week probably dropped me a good 1.5 lbs., I'll take it and keep it off! Hardwork, Dedication, PORTIONS.

I'll tell you a few so-called sassy things I have ate this week, no lie, so I'm living proof you can have your cake and eat it too. Ice Cream (for my throat) Sherbert (for my throat) Chinese Food (to make me feel better) hershey kisses (cuz they're amazing). Over the weekend we were out of town, I had fazoli's, t-bell, and Papa Johns. So beat that. Don't ever tell yourself no. EVER. The second you tell yourself you can't eat something is when you binge in your car in a random parking lot. Smarty pants me decided to only pack bacon and a chunk of cheese for lunch today, so I ended up in the Hardee's drive thru ordering a thick burger and curly fries, but when asked if I wanted to upsize my meal, I laughed in my head, and politely said no thank you. Second bite in, the burger didn't taste normal, 4th bite, tastes like cleaning supplies, 6th bite, this is gross:: TOSS:: 10 minutes later, nope, that tasted like a bandaid. So thank you Hardee's you saved me about 150 calories. Every bite counts. Sorry, not much knowledge, but I missed you.

here's another secret to my success so far....

if you click on the link below, under the topic: What should you eat? click on food and fitness - nice little tool- calculating weight loss goals, healthy weight.