Last week we started to move bedrooms to accomodate for the massive amounts of clothes, diapers, and misc. items my mom and I have been rummaging for. It's so fun when you can find a super cute Lion or Dinosaur onesie at a rummage sale for 50¢, and go to the store and find one for $10.00 umm, hello, I choose pocket change! After they hit age 5, it's hard to find good rummage finds. So switching rooms, I've concluded that all of my children have WAY too many things. Way too many. But, I guess they're only young once--- live it up?! As long as your not maxing out credit cards or going into debt. WARNING: Or turning your children into greedy monsters. They have their moments.
  I'm done with the chiro, he helped a bit, but now that I'm in my last few months, nothing is really going to help me, it's just a fact of life. So at least the headache of figuring out how to stop the pain will stop, and the pain may grow, but hey, oh well. Yesterday was my last day coaching gymnastics until November- everything is coming along and is making things so permanent in my mind that another mouth to feed is coming sooner than later. My Doc guessed that Colt is going to be 7 lbs. I'll take it. That's a nice size fish right there.
  I like to throw out my babies name before they come, not excessively, but just enough so if that name ever comes up it's "MINE, NOT YOURS" I called dibs. Secrets are great, but what if your due before someone else, you both have a secret kid name, then BOOM, you choose the same name, and then the other person is frantically trying to figure out if they should keep that name or change it, because of course EVERYONE is going to think you stole it from the person who just had the kid. Am I right?!
  Oh here's a little pick me up, a couple people this week have asked how the pregnancy is going, and I reply with oh it's going good, I'm 29 weeks, just a couple months to go-- and they respond with "oh well you look great, you seem to be holding your own and you look great" emphasis on the looking great. Well thank you. So today in celebration I ate 2 ice cream cones - CHEERS! But I know when I'm down to about 4 weeks left, my ankles will be non existant, and my cheeks will look like chipmunks, and I will be retaining water like a camel. This morning I was trying to open the bathroom door to leave and it got caught, like just a stick in the sand in the middle of my stomach. #notfunny

SIZE: Baby is an acorn squash, 2.5 lbs. (week 29)
MAMA: Feeling Good
Weight Gain: 26, welp guess I won't be gaining anymore weight cuz I'm at my goal I made in the beginning. NOT! I'm guessing 10 more. Crap, I hope not more. I know last time I wrote 18 lbs. I am seriously disturbed, wait unless I did gain 8 lbs in one month, it could of happened.
Cravings: Your Mom (nothing really, just food in general)
Workouts: Non-Existant, and I'm ok with that.