Some of us choose to win, some of us choose to lose, some succeed without even trying and some have to fight to keep moving. Wherever you are today, think about tomorrow, think about a week from now. Where do you want to be? Where do you see your fitness or health? I've gotten ran over by so many wagons, gotten slapped by my evil voices, given up on a lot of workouts, and have even managed to disolve my running habits b/c of the winter and heck laziness. I make HORRIBLE food choices, I make good food choices. I tell myself that my bad choices are because I just don't care, and it'll all be ok. How am I suppose to break habits if I keep my old habits up? Why do I continue to choose failure over success? Am I scared of what could happen. What would happen if I chose to walk right past the bad descision and walk my own path, and feel empowered by my choice rather than feel deprived.

I want to be that beautiful butterfly, I want that gold medal. I want success. But sometimes, when I think of everything I need to do and should do to get where I want to be, I crumble at the thought of all the hardwork and dedication. I am weak, I am vulnerable, I am human.

I'm done being weak, I'm done feeling the guilt, I'm done being a food obsesed monster. That is what I'm committing to. I QUIT BEING ANYTHING LESS THAN SATISFIED. I CHOOSE STRENGTH, I CHOOSE HEALTH, I CHOOSE DAISY DUKES (exageration) ONE STEP AT A TIME. I WILL FALL DOWN, BUT I KNOW I WILL GET BACK UP EVEN STRONGER. Yesterday is history, tomorrow's a mystery, so LET'S LIVE FOR TODAY!